Designed with allergy sufferers and children in mind

GoBio - Citrus Powered Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Guide to healthy living


“Indoor air pollution is one of the most important environmental health problems”
   - EPA in a report to Congress

Recycle. Reduce. Reuse. Replenish.

GoBio! Reduce.Reuse.Recycle.Replenish

GoBio! All natural cleaner

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GoBio! Products


Animal-friendly - GoBio! is not tested on animals and contains no animal by-products

Highly biodegradable

Use less than regular cleansers and detergents

Save money - Use GoBio! for all of your cleaning needs

Avoid purchasing toxic cleaners

Container is recyclable  

Natural citrus fragrance

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GoBio - All natural cleaner


GoBio! - the new improved Citri Power
Multi-Surface Cleaner and Laundry Detergent

Dr. Marlene Siersema, California

"I used Citri Power as a laundry cleaner for some time and was completely happy with it. I used less and loved how my sheets came out. I have allergies and this laundry product did not set my sneezing or runny eyes off.GoBio! naturally - Dr Marlene Siersema Testimonial

When Silvia came to me and asked me to try the new GoBio! formula I was eager and thought it was wonderful! What was great was the every so slight cent that made my sheets again even better…softer too. Silvia I have no idea what this new formula is but I love it, it is the best.

Silvia also asked me to test the cleaning product. At first I wasn’t sure what I could use it on. So I started with the kitchen stove. It did a superb job on a very greasy stove one day where I spilled some grease. Then one day I just took off with the bottle in my hand and I was amazed! From the stove I did my white cabinets. Bingo, clean cabinets! And I kept on going. In putting some flowers on my new mahogany dining room table I dripped some sap. It was sticky and whitish. I just grabbed my bottle from the kitchen and sprayed a little amount on that sap and wiped it right off. Not even a smear. That spot was so clean; I pulled everything off the table and did the whole table. It looked amazing. And it was so clean to the touch not slick or sticky like those others cleaners leave behind. You know the one that starts with a P.

I have an antique desk that has always given me trouble in cleaning. I used the product on the desk. Yip I sure did and it came out beautiful. WOW it was so clean and smooth to the touch. The other really good test was at my make-up table. Now ladies you know that when you put on make-up it settles on the surface you are using (or you sometimes). Off I went to clean that make-up table. The edges of that table have always not been smooth. Sprayed the product and wiped off with a cleaning towel. That table came out so clean and smooth; a cotton ball just slipped across it and went off the end with one tiny flick.

So I am so excited about this product that the next day in cleaning some stains on the carpet in the dining room, my husband went for the “carpet cleaner”. So we decided since I was testing this we would do a side by side cleaning job. Mine came out cleaner and the following day the stain was not back like it was on the carpet cleaner side.

So now instead of buying all the different toxic cleaning products for my house….I just have, GoBio!

Cleaning is easier, the smell is wonderful and NO ALLERGY ATTICKS while I use it! Now if I could only like cleaning as well as the product."

Dr Marlene Siersema
A radio show about and for women

Margott M, Ohio

"I just wanted to take a minute to tell you how very pleased I am with the Citri Power laundry soap. I just finished doing 4 loads, and the house has that wonderful Citri Power scent. I love the way the house and the clothes smell after doing laundry. I also love the way it performs, thank you for a wonderful product."

Mary W, Illinois

"I want to let you know how much I like the Citri Power liquid. We have very soft water, so I find that a half-ounce of soap cleans better than, any other soap I’ve ever used, and it takes so little to do such a great job. My husband David, is hooked on the Citri Power to clean his glasses. He mixed a bit with water in a small spray bottle, and swears nothing else works as well. We love this wonderful product."

Kelly S, Colorado

"My rings and pendants had lost their original shine and brilliance. I had used a jewelry cleaner that I purchased at a major jewelry store, but over time it just didn’t seem to get my jewelry as shiny as it once had been. As a last resort, I soaked my jewelry in the Citri Power, after soaking for an hour, I brushed each piece lightly, and rinsed, and WOW they looked like new again!"

Jennes C, Nevada

"Citri Power is amazing! My son decided he would use my white sheets and Hawaiian Punch to create his Halloween ghost costume, I was horrified. The Citri Power was able to remove Hawaiian Punch from my white sheets! Not even the slightest stain remained!"

Kent F, California

"I use Citri Power to bathe my dog. He loves his baths so much now because the Citri Power was able to relieve his constant itching problems, that now he will go and look for the Citri Power bottle and sit by until I give him a bath."

Karin N, Ohio

'In my community the water is hard and leaves tough hard water stains. Usually nothing but the harshest of chemicals was ever able to remove these stains and soap scum from my shower. But now with the “Citri Power”, cleaning my shower is easy and effortless! Plus it smells wonderfully too!"

Lupita G, Texas

"I am very sensitive to all perfumes and fragrances, they give me headaches. After using the Citri Power, I could never go back to other grocery store detergents. It leaves my laundry smelling fresh and clean, and I am able to eliminate the use of fabric softener, which is great for me too!"

Irwin G, California

"After my last hip replacement surgery I had to contend with the bandages and tape that were painful to remove from my skin. After having tried several other methods of removing the tape and bandages, my wife suggested that I try the Citri Power saying, “we seem to be able to use it for just about everything!”. So I gave it a try. It gently removed my bandages, pain-free, and it didn’t irritate my skin in this delicate area. Citri Power is an amazing and safe product!"

Daisy G, Ohio

“I use Citri Power as a laundry detergent. Just a half ounce cleans a whole load of laundry beautifully. Then I put it to a real test: I slipped this winter on the ice where we had put down kitty litter for traction. The knees of black jeans were coated with the sticky stuff. After letting it dry and trying to scrape off the majority of the clay-like layers, I almost give up. Then I threw the jeans in the washer with an ounce of “Citri Power” and let it soak overnight. After one cycle through the washing machine, they came out like new!”

Mary Kay, Ohio

“I love the way Citri Power works in my bathroom. I use it in a spray bottle on the counters, in my shower and around the tub. It leaves the bathroom sparkling clean and leaves a great, fresh smell.”

Nancy H. Virginia

“I use a beautiful, white, English lace tablecloth for Thanksgiving dinner last year. After the huge dinner the tablecloth looked as though dinner had been strained through it. There were stains from cranberries, gravy, coffee, grease, wine, candle wax and much more. After washing the tablecloth in Citri Power, it was ready for Christmas!”

Kathy A, Florida

“While removing old wallpaper from bathrooms walls, I found a half ounce of Citri Power added to a bucket of water took the old paper and paste right off!”

Lizbeth C, Michigan

"Citri Power is great as a pet shampoo! My dog seems to like the smell and I don’t have to worry that it might splash in his eyes or ears because it is so gentle."